About Brenda's Dance


New Studio

Brenda's Dance was Established in September of 1991. The studios before this one was under 600 square foot. The current building now has 6,000 square foot! The building was built in 1930. Brenda purchased the building in 2016. 


StarFire Competition Team

StarFire Competition Team is a group of selected kids Brenda has selected to represent Brenda's Dance Studio in competitions. They have won many regional and national titles throughout the years as well as being recognized for Showmanship, Best Choreography, and Most Entertaining. Ask Brenda for more information!



Brenda started dance and tumbling at the age of 3. She has performed at many festivals, conventions, & various events. Even once performing for the Tour Group "Up with People". She has choreographed for many organizations including CCT & Safari Museum. Her Choreography Awards for the Competition teams are her most prized possessions. Brenda is Certified with Acrobactics Arts & Hixa Flexibility. These certifications focus on proper spotting and technique of stretching correct muscles to prevent injury and ensure dancer and tumblers get the most out of their classes. She is very excited to get teach your kids and can't wait to see them bloom. 

Certified in: